Seated Massage

Seated massage is different in many ways from traditional table massage. First, the client is sitting in an ergonomically correct chair that is specifically designed for this. At times, a regular high-back chair can substitute. Secondly, the client is still dressed. Thirdly, there are minimal oils and lotions used.

The chair was originally created many years ago to open up and expose the various Shiatsu points on the back to aid the practitioner. It was later redesigned to be used in multiple settings and to be more adjustable.

I was Nationally Certified in Seated Massage in 1999 by Raymond Blaylock of Florida . Due to the large amount of people simply buying chairs and doing SM without certification, the National requirement was dropped. Unfortunately, the result was just that. Anyone can go out and buy a chair and perform seated massage regardless of what they know about it.

Understanding of upper body pathologies, indications and contraindications on the chair is quite different from the table. For example, if a client has frozen shoulder or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I would use the chair instead to allow more freedom to work the shoulder and reduce pressure on the rotator cuff. If someone has a chest pathology (i.e. broken sternum-healed, of course) lying on their back may be uncomfortable, so sitting up in the chair backwards allows them to still receive work without the discomfort.

Seated Massage is great for first time clients that are uneasy about getting undressed, or have a lack of time. It works wonderfully for Employee Appreciation Days at offices, Project Graduations, Holiday Parties, and family events. I have worked at Stress Relief Weeks for several Colleges, Health Fairs, Baby Showers, Bridal Parties (my clothes stay on!) and even Funerals.

For large events like Project Graduation, Stress Relief Week, and corporate events, I can bring a number of other Massage Therapists. The rate is $65 per hour, per therapist. Copies of current State Licenses and Insurnace Riders can be made available upon request.